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Relationship Management Models: Download this PDF (434 KB) of "relationship management models" for each of the different constituent groups with whom we are all most likely to need to communicate. By studying these models you’ll be able to have a much better idea of the mental steps our most important constituents go through and the messages and tools that are most helpful in addressing each mental step.

Relationship Model Worksheet (263 KB PDF): Use this worksheet to target and build a relationship model for your local constituents.

Website Badges: Copy and paste the code provided to insert these campaign badges into your own website and show your affiliation with a national movement. These badges will link back to more information about the I am for the child campaign on the National CASA website.

Website Banner Ads: A series of animated banner ads with “Give” and “Volunteer” calls to action that you can place on external websites to drive traffic to your own website. Download zip files of CASA or GAL versions (290 KB).

Targeted Solicitation Tools: Communicate with businesses and other constituents with tools including a PowerPoint presentation, a sponsorship matrix, introduction letters and proposals.

Donor and Board Correspondence: Download fill-in-the-blank letters, emails and sample posts for you and your board members to use in your communications with potential and current donors and board members.

Regional and Community Foundation Resources:  Download a letter of introduction, state and local CASA/GAL capacity grant templates with budgets. 

Online and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: National CASA is partnering with FirstGiving to provide a campaign-branded, customizable online platform/tool to empower your program, your friends and your supporters to raise money and awareness for your cause online.

Other Fundraising Materials

Turn-key fundraising opportunities with National CASA partners

Marketing Materials

Access all available National CASA photo galleries, a program logo order form and national child welfare statistics in the "Marketing Resources" section


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