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Hiking the Pacific Trail
CASA of the Cont. Divide, Dillon, CO and CASA of Humboldt, Eureka, CA

Car Show Benefits Program
CASA of South Central KY, Bowling Green, KY

Program Screens Documentary
CASA of Orange County, Santa Ana, CA
CASA Coloring Book
CASA of Northeast Tennessee, Johnson City, TN

Cajun Cuisine for CASA
CASA of Terrebonne, Houma, LA

Game Benefits Program
Nevada CASA Association, Reno, NV

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

CASA of the Continental Divide, Dillon, CO and
CASA of Humboldt, Eureka, CA

The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,650-mile trek from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington. Every year, some 300 hikers attempt to cover the full length of the trail. Remarkably, this spring and summer, two CASA programs are benefiting separately from hikers who have chosen to take on the trail to raise funds and awareness.

On April 21, Elisabeth Perry began her hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. Perry worked as an intern with CASA of the Continental Divide in 2010 and also served as a CASA volunteer on two cases. She is an avid hiker who completed the Colorado Trail—over 480 miles—solo in 2008. “It was a trip that changed my life and sparked a new love for me,” says Perry. When she thought about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, she decided to make the event an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for the program. “I think Elisabeth is a very courageous young woman,” says Program Director Kathy Reed. “I am proud of Elisabeth for taking on this challenging hike for our program. In the time that I’ve known her I’ve seen her grow into a very decisive and determined young woman.” Perry is documenting her hike on her blog, which can be found at

Sonja Kulstad-Hurst (pictured at right) and Pam Bellah started their hike of the Pacific Crest Trail on March 26. They plan to finish the journey in August. Jason Beaver, development director for CASA of Humboldt, is tracking their daily progress through a GPS transmitter. “They’ll be going through deserts, snow banks, streams and forests,” says Beaver. “It’s a huge undertaking.” Kulstad-Hurst and Bellah have set a goal of raising $25,000 for CASA of Humboldt, and they have set up a fundraising page for the hike at


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