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Uganda Village, Uganda

Recently, a CASA volunteer had a chance to use her advocacy skills to benefit children in Africa. Fran Follett, an advocate with CASA for Lancaster County in Lincoln, NE, spent two weeks in Uganda this past August volunteering at Hope Children’s Home. A team representing Show Mercy International, based in Albany, OR, arranged the opportunity.

“School was on holiday while we were there, so we basically hung out with the kids,” said Follett. “Some organized activities included a Sunday school class, having the children write to their sponsors and library time. There is no foster care in Uganda, so children who have lost their parents or have been abandoned are sent to children’s group homes if the village decides not to care for them. We understood that if an infant or small child is under the care of the village, that child can be claimed by someone in the village at the age of 5. It may be someone who wants a child, a wife, a slave (or someone to sell for slave labor). Or it may be a pedophile. Escaping these dangers are the 94 children living in Hope Children’s Home.”

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