Volunteer Spotlights

CASA and guardian ad litem volunteers change children's lives. Appointed by judges, they ensure that the needs of abused and neglected children are heard—in the community and in the courtroom.

Meet a few of the more than 85,000 volunteers who are standing up for children today.  

CASA volunteer Darlene Sullivan

Darleen Sullivan
Advocates for Children, Columbus, IN

Four years ago, Darlene Sullivan was told that she might never have a voice again. Today she is speaking up for the needs of two little girls and their mother as a CASA volunteer.

Read Darlene's story.

Jennifer Mulveny
CASA for Children of DC, Washington, DC

Jennifer served as the CASA volunteer on only one case, but that case went on for many years. "The experiences Shawna and I shared transcended any expectations I had for a volunteer role."

Read Jennifer's story.

CASA volunteer Michael Bright

Michael Bright
CASA of the River Region, Louisville, KY

The judge was at her wit's end. Jacob and his parents had been in and out of her courtroom for years. It appeared that Jacob was once again being neglected in his father's custody. But the judge wasn't sure that his mother could offer him a safe home either. She appointed CASA volunteer Michael Bright to the case, in a last-ditch effort to avoid placing Jacob in foster care.

Read their story.

Tammy Gorman

Tammy Gorman
Warren County CASA, Lebanon, OH

When Tammy first heard about the CASA cause while watching an episode of the Dr. Phil Show in 2009, she knew it was for her. Raised in a chaotic environment marred by alcoholism and domestic violence, today Tammy feels compelled to protect and stand up for those who are powerless, especially children. 

Read how Tammy's advocacy changed one little boy's life.

Matthew Perkins

Matthew Perkins
Richland County CASA, Columbia, SC

Matthew Perkins likes to joke that he became a CASA volunteer because his local program's director would not take "no" for an answer. But that is not the real reason. In this story, Matthew describes the events in his life that convinced him of the power one strong individual has to change a child's life.

Read Matthew's story.

Gordon Elkins

Gordon Elkins
CASA for Riverside County, Riverside, CA

As a volunteer and an activist, Gordon Elkins is focused on improving the lives of children in care who identify as LGBT. When he was sworn in as a CASA volunteer in June 2010, Gordon asked to be appointed to advocate for a gay youth and was assigned to Angel, a 15-year-old boy.

Read more about Gordon and his work with Angel.


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