October Big Question Responses

Reach out. Speak up.
Speak up. Change lives.
Nurture now. Success later.
One child. Endless possibilities.
Now what??? Speak up!
Your voice. Their future.
Child focused. Child forward.
Once forgotten. Finally home!
Big voices. Big impact
Your voice. Protect them.
Help kids. CASA works.
Investigate thoroughly. Advocate passionately.
Building bridges, Connecting families.
You can. Why not?
Among adversity. Give hope.
Child advocates. Cause change.
Help one. Helps all.
My advocate. My voice.
Smiling faces.Content minds.
Open eyes. Open hearts.
About them. For them.
Postive action. Powerful results.
Be there. Be near
Love big! Help many!
Children first. Adults secondary.
Show love. Save lives.
Small hands. BIG DREAMS.
Heaven sent, Heaven bound.
Be honest. Love lots.
Saving lives. Creating families.
We're here. We care.
Listen hard. Be there.
Stop abuse. Start healing.
Small name. Big voice.
Great cause. Worthy children.
Be gentle. Fight hard.
Help us. Help kids.
Powerful advocacy. Consistency matters
Powerful advocacy. Brighter futures.
Listen carefully. Learn much.
Wonderful feeling. Positive futures.
Open mind. Open heart.
One voice. Changes lives.
Investiage thoroughly. Advocate passionately.
Building bridges. Connecting families.
Negative start. Positive outcome.
For you. We're there!
Big Hearts. Positive Changes.
Their voice. Our future
One voice. Bright futures.
Never quit. Be patient.
My advocate. My voice.
Get involved. Change lives.
Child advocate. Powerful voice.
Open eyes. Open heart.
We care. You matter.
About them. For them.
Their voices. Our choices.
Many hearts. One love.
Speak up. Change futures!
They hurt. We love.
One future. One path.
Small hands. BIG DREAMS.
Ask questions. Advocate forcefully.
Accountability first. Advocate second!
Their voice. Their hope.
Heaven sent. Heaven bound.
Stay focused. Be open.
Court's eyes. Child's voice.
Small name. Big voice.
Dig Deep. Rise Above.

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