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Paula CampbellPaula Campbell, Permanency Planning for Children Department, NCJFCJ

Summary: Children who are involved in dependency courts are more likely to become involved in delinquency courts. The resources listed below contain useful links and resources to help courts work together and address the particular needs of dual jurisdiction youth.


Court Collaboration

Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Agencies: Collaborating to Serve Dual Jurisdiction Youth Survey Report, Child Welfare League of America


Resolution Regarding the Unified Model Court Concept Paper of the NCJFCJ Cross-Over Committee


“Improving System Reponses to Crossover Youth: The Role of Research and Practice Partnerships” (vol. 5, no. 1, Summer 2006), The Link Newsletter, Child Welfare League of America


Guidebook for Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare System Coordination and Integration: Framework for Improved Outcomes, CWLA


A Policy Guide for Improving Outcomes, Center for Juvenile Justice, Georgetown University


 “When Systems Collide: Improving Court Practices and Programs in Dual Jurisdiction Cases (Spring 2005), Juvenile and Family Court Journal, National Council of Juvenile and Family Courts Judges (451.23 KB PDF)

Child Maltreatment and Delinquency

Victimization and Juvenile Offending (2004), National Child Traumatic Stress Network, Juvenile Justice Working Group, National Child Traumatic Stress Network

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“Helping Traumatized Children: Tips for Judges, National Child Traumatic Stress Network”


Understanding Child Maltreatment & Juvenile Delinquency: From Research to Effective Program, Practice, and Systemic Solutions (2003), Child Welfare League of America


Resources and Research

Foster Youth Fall Through the Cracks Between the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Systems, Ross, Timothy (2009)


“King County Systems Integration Initiative: A First Look at the Kent District Dual System Youth Pilot," Siegel, Gene, Juvenile and Family Court Journal, (Fall 2009) (161.56 KB PDF)

“Troubled Children and Children in Trouble: Redefining the Role of the Juvenile Court in the Lives of Children,” (Winter 2008), Robbins, A.R. Juvenile and Family Court Journal, National Council of Juvenile and Family Courts Judges (88.74 KB PDF)

“Arizona Dual Jurisdiction Study” (November 2004), National Council of Juvenile Justice (606.55 KB PDF)

“ABA Policy and Report on Crossover and Dual Jurisdiction Youth” (vol. 7, no. 1, Summer 2008), The Link Newsletter, CWLA


Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Publications, Child Welfare League of America


Representing Juvenile Status Offenders, American Bar Association



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