Examples of the Indicators of Compliance

Please note: National CASA is in the process of revising these examples to correlate with the new standards approved by the board of trustees in April 2012.

The following support documents (indicators of compliance) must accompany the standards self-assessment tool. Be sure to include the date that the document was created and/or most recently revised and approved. Download the indicators of compliance checklist that outlines which documents are required for your program (126 KB PDF).

The list below includes links to examples of supporting documents. These sample documents are from various CASA/GAL programs across the country and are compliant with National CASA standards. Thank you to the programs that shared examples of their work.

These examples and guidelines are not meant to be templates for simple copying. Not all indicators of compliance will have examples, as some are static documents that a program either has or doesn't have based on their model and income base (i.e. Court Rules, Form 990). If you plan to utilize any of these documents for your program, be sure to review the document closely, adapt or modify as required and appropriate, paying close attention to applicable state and local laws. Also, be sure to get approval from your governing body before implementing any new policies or procedures. If you have questions about any of the indicators of compliance, please check in with your regional program specialist, state director and/or quality assurance specialist.

To download a single sample indicator of compliance, right click on it's link, and select 'Save Target As'  to save it to your hard drive.

Standard 1: CASA/GAL Program Mission and Purpose

Standard 2: Ethical Conduct and Confidentiality

Standard 3: Inclusiveness and Diversity

New Standard 4: Disproportionality - No samples

Standard 5: CASA Program Governance

Standard 6: Human Resource Management

Standard 7: Volunteer Management

Standard 8: Public Relations

Standard 9: Planning Evaluation

Standard 10: Financial, Facility and Risk Management

Standard 11: Record Keeping

Standard 12: National Affiliation

Your Input

As always, we welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions about the quality assurance system. Please direct your input to qa@CASAforChildren.org or by telephone at 800-628-3233.

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