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The National CASA Training Department regularly hosts webinars to introduce new training materials and resources; improve programs' ability to raise funds and awareness; and share the latest information on timely topics from leaders in the child welfare field.

See a list of upcoming webinars on our training calendar or access a recording of a past webinars through the National CASA YouTube channel using the links below.

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Skill Building -  Volunteer Education

All Families, All Children
Develop a greater understanding of the strengths, challenges and value of LGBTQ adults, parents and families, what they can offer a CASA/GAL program, and how to better serve these children in your role as a CASA or GAL volunteer. Facilitated by Tracy Flynn of Tracy Flynn Consulting

Mitigating Implicit Bias and Disparity in the Juvenile Court System
Learn how the court, the data and the CASA/GAL program are working together to identify and mitigate bias and address disparity within their judicial district. This webinar provides positive, practical approaches for CASA/GAL programs and their judicial partners to collaboratively address disproportionality and disparate outcomes for foster youth.

Facilitators: Judge L. Trosch Louis A. Trosch, Jr., District Court Judge – 26thJudicial District, Charlotte, NC; Erin Chinn-Gary MSW, JD Family Court Administrator – 26thJudicial District; and Dana Frady, MSW, District Administrator, Guardian ad Litem District 26.

“Psychotropic Drugs 101: Psychedelic Shack…Is That Where It’s At?”
This webinar is recommended for staff and volunteers who work with children on prescription medication or would like to know more about medications commonly prescribed to children in foster care. It is a great way to fulfill annual continuing education hours. Hosted by Portland Oregon CASA Supervisor Stephen McCrea.

Building Strong Families and Healthy Communities: The Safe Babies Court Team Project
Lucy Hudson, director of the Zero to Three Safe Babies Court Teams Project, provides an overview of this Zero to Three initiative, which has engaged several CASA/GAL programs across the country. Download a PDF of the webinar (1.5 MB PDF).

Parents with LGBTQ Youth - Working Toward Healthy Futures
This webinar gives participants a better understanding of the connection between the behaviors of parents (caregivers) and the health and well-being of LGBTQ youth. Led by National CASA Training Director Anthony Petrarca.

The Gecko Project - Championing Resiliency in Your Organization
This webinar provides an overview of an organizational model for staff and volunteer resiliency that was recently piloted by five CASA programs. The project was conducted by the Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault at the University of Texas at Austin. The presenter provides concrete examples of what worked in a CASA program and tips on becoming a “resiliency champion” in your organization. Download the PDF of webinar slides. (2 MB PDF)

For CASA Program Staff - Training, Working with Volunteers

 All Children-All Families: Becoming Leaders in LGBTQ Inclusion

Presenters from ACAF and Voices for Children, San Diego CASA will share about the purpose, content and process of the All Children – All Families (ACAF) project of the Human Rights Campaign Family Foundation. The ACAF initiative recognizes and enhances LGBT cultural competence among child welfare professionals and volunteers, and works to educate LGBT adults about opportunities to become foster or adoptive parents as well as CASA’s and GAL’s.

Current Trends in Volunteering and How They Impact CASA                                                                                                                          Volunteering is never in a vacuum and what affects people also affects volunteers – both new volunteers you want to recruit and experienced volunteers you want to retain. In addition, there are clear trends in volunteer management practices that can be adapted to improve how CASA programs support volunteers. In this webinar, Susan Ellis, President of Energize, Inc. discusses what’s hot at the moment including: volunteering in a time-deprived world, what different generations want from their volunteer experiences, and virtual and micro-volunteering – and online recruitment practices.

The Volunteer Fast-Pass: A New Model for Background Screening
Background screening is central to ensuring the safety of the children served in your CASA/GAL program as well as protecting your program from participants who are not suited for this important work. Hear from Thomas Klein Executive Director of Verified Volunteers how to simplify and streamline your volunteer screening process. Backed by SterlingBackcheck, the nation's largest background screening company, and a preferred screening partner of National CASA, Verified Volunteers can help you dramatically improve your screening program. View a PDF of the presentation slides.

Set the Bar High and Help People Over - Managing Expectations as a CASA Volunteer Supervisor
In this high-energy webinar, two seasoned volunteer managers will unpack the ins and outs of how to manage expectations with CASA volunteers. Attendees will receive adventurous real-world advice and practical assets to help out in their local programs as they employee community volunteers to advocate for children.

Diversity at Your Fingertips: Maximizing the Potential of the National CASA Volunteer Training Curriculum
Calvin Martin, co-chair of the National CASA Curriculum Advisory Committee and a regional director of the Florida GAL program, presents ways to enhance your diversity trainings using the National CASA curriculum.

Fostering Futures Training of the Facilitator Webinar
Training Director Anthony Petrarca hosts this Fostering Futures Curriculum training of the facilitator workshop. Viewers will learn to describe the components of the curriculum, locate training materials and identify next steps in preparing to facilitate the Fostering Futures training.

Flex Learning Training of Facilitators
National CASA Training Director Anthony Petrarca describes how to access and navigate the National CASA Flex Learning Volunteer Training Curriculum course materials and identify next steps in delivering the curriculum to potential volunteers.

Peer Coordinator Model Overview Webinar
National CASA RPO Michael Heaton and directors from CASA of Maricopa County (AZ) and CASA of Lane County (OR) describe the Peer Coordinator Model of volunteer supervision.

Fundraising and Awareness-Raising

I am for the child Campaign: Building Support for Your Program Webinar
Michael Heaton, National CASA RPO, and Anthony Petrarca, National CASA training director, share tips for building support for your CASA/GAL program using the I am for the child campaign fundraising tools and communications resources

I am for the child: Engaging the Business Community Webinar
Susan Schroeter, National CASA's director of corporate partnerships, and Kristine Templin, chief development and marketing officer, discuss the current fundraising environment, the architecture of sustainable partnerships, prospecting and creating a successful partnership.

Customized Websites and Other Online Tools for CASA/GAL Programs Webinar
Two national vendors—EZ Site Launch and Interactive Educational Services (IES)—share information about their customized CASA/GAL website offerings. Former National CASA Campaign Manager Kris Gonzales shares additional online tools that support the I am for the child campaign.  


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