State & Local Programs

Inclusiveness and Diversity Training Resources

Working With LGBTQ Youth

Four local and state program directors share their successes and challenges with implementing initiatives to better the lives of LGBT youth in care. Learn how CASA programs are improving their service to LGBT youth.

All Children – All Families  

All Children – All Families (ACAF) is a resource now available to CASA/GAL programs to help them learn how to support LGBT youth and work towards better outcomes for this population. The ACAF initiative enhances LGBT cultural competence among child welfare and child service professionals and educates LGBT people about opportunities to become foster or adoptive parents for waiting children. 

PBS: Race - The Power of an Illusion 

  • Online learning modules, a three-part documentary with discussion guides and lesson plans for teachers.
  • Audience: staff and volunteers looking to deepen their understanding of racism and its ongoing impact on American society.

International Multicultural Institute

  • Provides web-based trainings, publications, coaching and mentoring, and a yearly conference.
  • Audience: Employees and volunteers looking to improve cultural competency and skills working in diverse environments.

Prism International

  • Offers consulting, internet-based and in-person training on cross cultural communication, harassment prevention, and diversity and inclusion.
  • Audience: Programs target working professionals in public, private, and non-profit fields to improve working efficiency, competence in conflict resolution, and diversity sensitivity skills.

The People's Institute

  • Provides training workshops with dialogue, presentations, and role-playing, provides web-lectures, and runs conferences with training and workshops yearly. “Undoing Racism” training is intended to provide tools to confront societal and institutional racism.
  • Audience: Workshops are for individuals, communities, organizations and institutions wishing to help in dismantling systemic racism within their organizations.

Center For the Healing of Racism

  • The Center for the Healing of Racism believes that the human race is essentially one and that racism is a learned behavior that can be unlearned. It is our goal to open up a dialogue that will educate people, which is one of the most powerful tools to fight prejudice. By working together, we can heal racism and bring positivity and empowerment to every race.
  • Audience: The center recognizes the benefits derived from active coalition building with other groups and associations that share a commitment to racial justice.

National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI)

  • Provides training, workshops, certifications and organizational assessments to improve cultural competence and collaboration among diverse groups.
  • Audience: Programs target leaders in corporations, government and law enforcement agencies, students, and other organizations.

The Diversity Training Group

  • Private consulting firm that provides printed training materials for improving workplace diversity and cultural sensitivity.
  • Audience: Programs target professionals in private, non-profit, and governmental organizations.

NTL Institute

  • Programs include coaching, diversity and inclusion training, certification programs, mentoring and online publications.
  • Audience: Programs primarily target leaders and professionals in private, public, and non-profit organizations across a 6-state area.


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