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CASA Effectiveness Manual Part 4

Tips for Surveys

  • State in the cover letter the desired return date.
  • Include in the cover letter a statement regarding confidentiality.
  • Include self addressed stamped envelopes.
  • When surveying agencies consider using colored paper for different audiences.
  • Follow-up mailed surveys with a postcard reminding of return date.
  • Expect a return rate of about 30%.
  • Results should be coded such that:
    4=strongly agree 3=agree 2=disagree 1=strongly disagree
  • Calculate mean/average scores to questions and percentage answering each response.

Volunteer Survey

Purpose: To obtain feedback about the experiences of CASA volunteers. To help identify training and supervisory needs and improve volunteer satisfaction and effectiveness.

Send to: Active CASA volunteers

Frequency: Annual

Instructions: Send to home address of active CASA volunteers with self-addressed stamped envelope. Individual CASA programs may also want to survey past CASA volunteers for feedback.

Collaborative Agency Survey

Purpose: To obtain feedback from agencies and individuals regarding their perceptions of the performance and effectiveness of the CASA program

Send to: Collaborative agency personnel such as: court judges, attorneys, GALs, child welfare workers, school personnel, therapists, etc.

Frequency: Annual

Instructions: CASA programs will need to compile a list of names and addresses of collaborative agencies and personnel with whom CASA volunteers have contact. Individual CASA programs may also want to survey other groups or agencies in the community to gain knowledge about community awareness and understanding of CASA programs.

Child’s Survey / Interview Guide

Purpose: To solicit ideas and feedback from children being served by the CASA program.

Send to: Past and present children involved with the CASA program.

Frequency: Annual.

Instructions: Individual CASA programs may want to modify the child survey to make it age appropriate for different age levels of children.

The survey questions could also be used as interview questions. Surveys should be mailed to the parents with a cover letter to the parents/foster parents/staff.

Parent Survey

Purpose: To solicit feedback from parents, relatives, and foster parents about the CASA program and how to better serve children.

Send to: Biological parents, relatives, foster parents.

Frequency: Annual.

Instructions: Particularly important to send to placement that is considered the permanent placement plan for the child.

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