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January 2010

International Solutions for Connecting US Foster Care Children with Families

Dependency court stakeholders have encountered hurdles making interstate and international permanency placements for years. Julie G. Rosicky of International Social Service-USA teamed up with Dixie van de Flier Davis and Suzanne Dosh of The Adoption Exchange to offer this series of articles to help those involved in dependency court cases gain insight into the need to think globally when it comes to permanent placements for US foster children. ~ J. Dean Lewis, editor


International Solutions for Connecting US Foster Care Children with Families
J. Dean Lewis, Judge (retired)
Former Member, National CASA Association Board of Directors
Past President, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

Summary: Articles in this issue provide insights into the need to think globally when it comes to permanent placements for US foster children. Article...

A Guide for Judges in Outgoing Cases Under the Hague Adoption Convention
William J. Bistransky, Division Chief for Intercountry Adoption, Office of Children's Issues, Bureau of Consular Affairs, US Department of State

Summary: This article summarizes information from A Web Guide for State Authorities on Outgoing Adoption Cases from the United States to Another Convention Country on the US Department of State¡¦s intercountry adoption website and highlights key information needed by judges to meet the requirements under US law in outgoing cases covered by the convention. Article...

Hague Accreditation: What Does It Mean for the Practice of Outbound Intercountry Adoption?
Richard Klarberg, President and CEO, Council on Accreditation

Summary: When it comes to ensuring the best interests and well-being of children, the importance of the Hague accreditation process is every bit as significant and life-changing for the small number of outgoing adoptions¡Xchildren from the US being adopted overseas¡Xas it is for the larger number of incoming cases. Article...

Finding Families for Children: Permanency and the Principle of Subsidiarity
Julie G. Rosicky, Executive Director ISS-USA
Felicity S. Northcott, Director, Arthur C. Helton Institute for the Study of International Social Service, ISS-USA

Summary: This article describes the origin of the principle of subsidiarity, discusses the two multilateral treaties that include language about the principle and explores what subsidiarity means for the practice of child welfare in America. Article...

Adoption Post-Placement of US Children Overseas: Rules of Thumb
Karen Smith Rotabi, PhD, Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University
DeGuerre Blackburn, MSW, Director, VIDA Adoption Agency, Hudson, NY

Summary: Following best practices set forth through international collaborations and the Hague Convention can facilitate successful international adoptions that meet the best interests of foster children. Article...

Adoption by Military Families: Patching Adoption Pieces Together
Dixie van de Flier Davis, Ed.D., President/Executive Director, The Adoption Exchange, Inc.
Kathleen Moakler, Government Relations Director, National Military Family Association

Summary: The reality of military adoptions has never fit the stereotypes. The often unexamined strengths of military life, including ability to deal with adversity and access to supportive services, contribute to the success of adoptions by military families. Article...

Oregon DHS Develops Policy and Procedures for International Relative Placement Adoptions
Beth Englander, Adoption and Guardianship State Program Manager, Oregon Department of Human Service Children, Adults and Families Division

Summary: The Oregon legislature, child advocates, and the Department of Human Services are taking action to give foster children adopted by relatives living in other countries the same expectation for safety and permanency as their peers placed in Oregon and other states. Article...

Recruitment Resources: Finding Families for Waiting Children
Suzanne Dosh, MSW, Vice-President of Programs, The Adoption Exchange
Kathy Ledesma, MSW, Project Director, The Collaboration to AdoptUsKids, Adoption Exchange Association

Summary: Utilizing resources such as the internet, print and television media and AdoptUsKids helps find homes for waiting children. Article...

A Family for Every Child: International Adoption of American Children in the Netherlands
Hans van Hooff, Legal Advisor, Fiom and Coordinator, International Social Service (ISS) Netherlands

Summary: Social and political changes are resulting in an increase in the number of American children adopted in the Netherlands. Article...

Intercountry Adoption and Reciprocity
Susan Soonkeum Cox, Vice President of Policy & External Affairs, Holt International Children's Services

Summary: The author shares her own story of intercountry adoption and information about the Hague Convention on the Protection of Children in Intercountry Adoption. Article...

Web Resources
Paula Campbell, Permanency Planning for Children Department, NCJFCJ

Summary: The author provides links to websites that discuss international adoption of children and current state and national laws, as well as resources for both the international adoption of US children and children adopted from other countries into the US. Resource list...

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