State & Local Programs

Grantee Tools and Resources

Required of Current Grantees

Grantee Budget Information System (GBIS)
Instructions for using GBIS, an interactive tool connecting local program staff with National CASA grant managers.

Grantee Reporting Schedule
Reporting schedule for expense reports, narrative reports, quarterly performance reports and annual survey.

Policies and Procedures for Current Grantees

Allowable and Unallowable Costs
Summary of National CASA grant budget categories and an abbreviated description of allowable costs.

Grant Monitoring Policy
Grant monitoring is required by National CASA to assess the progress of grantee programs. A minimum of 10% of grantee programs are monitored each grant year.

Grant Monitoring Checklist
Sample of checklist that will be sent to grantee prior to grant monitoring visits.

Internal Controls Policy
A sample of an internal control policy for CASA programs.

Financial Policies and Procedures
A sample of financial policies and procedures for CASA programs.

Additional Resources

Sample Press Releases:

Circular A-122 cost principles established by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for recipients of federal funding

Fund Accounting Article
Description of fund accounting, a system used by nonprofits. Funds are established in order to designate revenues and expenditures in accordance with special regulations and restrictions.

Types of Audits - Compilation, Review and Audit
This document shows the various degrees of evaluations of a program’s operations.

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