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You may download the following logos from this page by following the steps below.  All of these variations will be included in one download:

 vertical CASA logo horizontal CASA logo 
 CASA logo vertical white CASA logo horizontal white 
CASA logo vertical black CASA logo horizonal black
CASA logo vertical gray and black CASA logo horizontal black and gray

Select the files you would like when downloading the logos below.

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1.  Download the logo file
This is a 1.8 MB self-extracting zipped file.  You may want to read and print this page so you can refer to it as you complete this process.  Click the download button below to begin the download and when prompted for a save location, please select your desktop (Choose SAVE and then click the drop-down arrow button next to the small horizontal window at the top of the and scroll up until you see the word "Desktop" and click on it).  Then click the "Save" button in the lower right corner to begin downloading the file to your desktop.  Once the download is finished, the download box will close. 

Step 2.  Unzip the file you downloaded
Minimize your web browser by clicking the little "minus" button in the upper right of the very top blue bar (if you have customized your desktop, your top bar may be a different color).  Now you should see your desktop (if you still have other program windows open, close or minimize them).  Find the icon for "CASA_Logo_R.exe" and double-click it.  This will extract all the logo files to your hard drive (this will be the C drive unless you changed the extract location) and you will find them in a folder named "CASA_Logo_R."  If you need more information, please read on.

Step 3. Find the logo folder on your C drive
Double-click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop, then double-click the C Drive icon, then look for the CASA Logo folder and double-click the folder. Inside you will see folders with the following files:

Please note: The 'h' in the file name stands for 'horizontal' logo format, the 'v' for 'vertical'.

Logo Types and Usage
First, please review the National CASA Graphic Standards to familiarize yourself with proper logo usage.

National CASA provides logos in four formats: EPS, TIFF, JPEG and GIF.

EPS files are for use by professional printers, including in large format applications (such as billboards and banners).
TIFF files may be used to produce print materials in using Word and Publisher, or other desktop publishing programs.They may also be used by professional printers.
JPEG files may be used to produce print materials using Word, Publisher, or other desktop publishing programs or in web applications and email.( JPEGs are compressed; they contain less information and are smaller than TIFFs.)
GIF files may be used with web applications and email. (GIF files are smaller than JPEGs.)


CASA logo topView the logos with the trademark on top.

Download the logo files with the trademark on top.





CASA logo centerView the logos with the trademark at the center

Download the logo files with the trademark at center

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