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Judges' Page Newsletter Archive

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The Judges' Page newsletter is published by the National CASA Association and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. Judge Dean Lewis (retired) is the editor.

  • Spring 2016 - The Vital Role of CASA/GAL Volunteers: Impacting Outcomes for Children and Youth
  • November 2015 - Judge Darlene Byrne: National CASA Association Judge of the Year and NCJFCJ President
  • Summer 2015 - Tribal Issues in Dependency Courts
  • Winter 2015 - Trauma-informed dependency court
  • September 2014 - National CASA CEO Welcomes Judge Peggy Walker to Board
  • July 2014 - Family Drug Treatment Courts
  • January 2014 - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: How Can Courts Respond Effectively?
  • July 2013-Judicial Leadership and Judicial Ethics Relating to CASA/GAL Programs
  • January 2013-Promoting Child Well-Being for Children and Youth in Foster Care
  • September 2012-The Voices of Children and Youth in Dependency Court
  • March 2012-Young Children Involved in Dependency Court
  • November 2011-A Critical Dependency Court Resource: Relative Placements 
  • July 2011-Fostering Connections to Success Act
  • March 2011-Court Improvement Programs Impact Dependency Courts
  • October 2010-When Child Abuse or Neglect and Domestic Violence Co-Occur
  • July 2010-Native American Children Involved in the Dependency Court
  • March 2010- Crossover Cases: Children and Youth Involved in the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Systems
  • January 2010-International Solutions for Connecting US Foster Care Children with Families
  • November 2009- Identifying, Locating and Engaging Fathers in Dependency Court Cases
  • July 2009- The Disproportionate Representation of Children of Color in Dependency Court Proceedings (349 KB PDF)
  • March 2009-The Role of CASA/GAL Programs and Volunteers in Achieving Successful Dependency Court Proceedings (328 KB PDF)
  • October 2008 - Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs in Child Protection Cases (245 KB PDF)
  • July 2008- The Role of the Dependency Court in Achieving Timely Permanency (424 KB PDF)
  • Feb 2008- International Issues in Dependency Court Cases (278 KB PDF)
  • Oct 2007- Reasonable Efforts in the Dependency Court (654 KB PDF)
  • Aug 2007- The Role of Foster Parents in the Dependency Court Issue (191 KB PDF)
  • Mar 2007- Children and Youth Involved in the Court Experience Issue (992 KB PDF)
  • Oct 2006- Court-CASA Best Practices Issue (383 KB PDF)
  • Jun 2006- Family Visitation Issue (357 KB PDF)
  • Feb 2006- Mental Health Issue (263 KB PDF)
  • Oct 2005- Child Development and Parenting Issue (895 KB PDF)
  • Jun 2005- Educational Advocacy Issue (779 KB PDF)
  • Feb 2005- Parental Substance Abuse Issue (812 KB PDF)
  • Oct 2004- Family Violence Issue (900 KB PDF)
  • July 2004- Foster Care Reform Issue (187 KB PDF)
  • Apr 2004-Indian Child Welfare Act Issue (141 KB PDF)
  • Dec 2003- Inaugural Issue (107 KB PDF)
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